B2B eCommerce

Solutions built to solve your specific business requirements while delivering consumer-like experiences with the best features of B2C in your B2B shop.

How it benefits you


20-33% more sales

via industry-relevant functionalities


High customer retention

thanks to intelligent self-service capabilities

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Grow and scale easily

to meet market and customer demands

Drive conversions with a site search unlike any other

Self-learning, error-tolerant and language-independent. Easily process any query - from SKUs to complex, long-tail queries and everything in between. Providing you with ideal conditions for continually expanding your B2B eCommerce business.

graphical user interface, application
graphical user interface, application, chat or text message

Price and content adjusted to the buyer

Want to display the right prices and discounts to the right customer without costly callbacks to a third-party such as an ERP or PIM? The Customer-Specific Pricing module enables you to deliver individualized purchase-relevant information to the buyer directly in the search, navigation and filters.

2.3 more products per cart, 3 times faster

B2B buyers usually know exactly what they’re going to buy. Our Predictive Basket supports them by accurately predicting which products are most likely to be purchased again. Before a customer runs out of certain products – and before they can buy them elsewhere – the Predictive Basket reminds them to reorder.

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First click fast learning personalization

Harness the power of individual product results and recommendations to increase customer loyalty. Using unique buying preferences and real-time purchase intent, we create intimate search interactions that lead to immediate and future purchases. No segmentation, no big data, no manual rules - just 1:1 relevance.

Help buyers complete their procurement

Maximize upselling and cross-selling with personalized, automatic and context-sensitive product recommendations. With our AI, your eCommerce platform not only processes historical click and purchase data, but also the live signals of each individual online shopper. For ultra-relevant 1:1 buying experiences, in real time and GDPR compliant.

graphical user interface, application
graphical user interface, application

UI designed for real use cases by real users

Our market-leading technology is the right choice for B2B companies who are looking to optimize their digital channels and make significant improvements on the customer journey. Thanks to an easy-to-use backend made for business users, every team member has the ability and confidence to make optimizations on their own. No technical knowledge required.

What makes us different?

Our proprietary Worldmatch® algorithm offers B2B sellers and marketplaces high performance and quality results. No matter the size of your assortment, FactFinder brings the most relevant results to the buyer’s screen within milliseconds. The high degree of automation built into the software means that even eCommerce teams with few resources can achieve great things quickly and across several channels simultaneously.

Use cases

Use Case

Monetize your traffic

It's not uncommon for B2B companies to invest millions in digital marketing. However, these costly campaigns rarely convert your online visitors to become paying, recurrent customers. It's only through a convenient shopping experience that your spending can take full effect.

Use Case

Convince digital natives

Today, 60% of all B2B tech buyers are millennials (age 25–39) and they are 2x more likely than older generations to discover a product by searching online (TrustRadius). With FactFinder, you ensure a smooth product discovery they know from private shopping.

Use Case

Scale with ease

Our language-independent Worldmatch® algorithm enables you to enter and expand into new markets faster without sacrificing performance. Deliver the most relevant products even in complex languages such as Japanese or Cantonese. 

Industry insights
82% of business buyers want the same experience as when they're buying for themselves.
What drives the rise of B2B ecommerce

Interactive demo video

Dive into our dynamic demo experience and explore the features of the FactFinder platform that are most relevant to your needs.

  • Explore at your own pace

  • How AI-powered product discovery increases conversions

  • How you can save time with smart automations

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