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FirstVet boosts AOV by 12.22% with FactFinder recommendations

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+12.22% AOV

year-over-year through AI-driven recommendations


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Meet Emelie Evers,

Product Manager

Emelie Evers has been a pivotal force at FirstVet for over four years. She’s dedicated to aligning product strategies with the varied and complex needs of pet owners - a passionate and discerning customer base. This challenging balance of innovation and practicality is where Emelie excels, continuously adapting to customer behaviors and market trends.

FirstVet is the pioneering digital vet clinic offering instant veterinary support through video calls, providing peace of mind for pet parents globally. Established in Stockholm in 2016, FirstVet has expanded across the Nordics, US, UK and Germany. With a team of 120 staff and 400 veterinarians available 365 days a year, FirstVet is a global trailblazer in digital pet healthcare. In select markets, FirstVet's comprehensive approach includes pet shops and pharmacies, allowing pet parents to access and purchase recommended products and medications vetted by veterinarians. To learn more about FirstVet, visit



FirstVet realized they had to pump up their average order value (AOV) and make shopping a quick and simple delight for customers who were struggling to find what they needed. They were also on the lookout for a partner they could really rely on, someone who could seamlessly integrate a product discovery solution into an online store loaded with thousands of products for all kinds of pets.

FactFinder reinforced the trust, supportiveness and the belief that no challenge is too complex for them.
Product Manager


When FirstVet teamed up with FactFinder in 2021, things quickly took a turn for the better. Emelie describes the early days as a “smooth, feature-rich implementation,” a process that was notably quick and supportive. In her words, it was “inspiring,” with FactFinder’s platform of search and navigation modules helping to cement her opinion of us as “true problem solvers.” But without a doubt, the star of the show was our recommendations module - a turnkey solution for unlocking the brand’s healthy uplift in AOV, with impressive boosts to cross-selling and up-selling. Overall, our partnership is a classic case of the right fit at the right time, and one of the main reasons why FirstVet decided to retain FactFinder for their launch in the UK.



Integrating FactFinder’s recommendation module brought significant changes: a noteworthy 12.22% rise in AOV, enhanced customer experiences and improved conversion rates. With her shoppers now benefiting from FactFinder’s innovative and tailored approach to product suggestions, Emelie points out the effectiveness of this module, saying, “Recommendations have really enriched the user experience, making sure customers find what they need.”

Emelie also notes that the return on investment (ROI) after adopting FactFinder has been positively impactful, bringing true value to the brand. This improvement goes beyond just meeting targets - it represents a meaningful advancement in both customer engagement and business growth through the adoption of FactFinder’s AI search and recommendations.

The FactFinder team provided seamless solutions to every issue and request, making them true problem solvers.
Product Manager

FirstVet's favorite features

Tailored upsells for a higher AOV
This module enhances the shopping experience by offering relevant product suggestions like dog training biscuits or teeth hygiene chews when a customer looks at items such as ‘mini bone dog treats.’ Using data from user interactions, the system automatically presents items that complement the customer's current selection, boosting AOV and encouraging product discovery without extra effort from Emelie and her team. The module's automation streamlines recommendation processes, while a user-friendly backend interface provides the option for manual control, to build things like tailored promotions and events. This seamless blend ensures FirstVet can dynamically respond to trends and behaviors of both customers and the market.
Tailored upsells for a higher AOV

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