FactFinder unveils GPT Synonyms

Harnessing the capabilities of Large Language Models, GPT Synonyms empower eCommerce managers to craft better search results, up to 70% faster.

(London, Stockholm and Pforzheim, July 31, 2023) - FactFinder, the European leader in product discovery and search for eCommerce, launches GPT Synonyms, an innovative application of Large Language Models (LLMs) for on-site search optimization. The innovation empowers eCommerce managers to automate the creation of synonyms using the power of GPT, and thereby saving up to 70% of time. Creating significant efficiencies for eCommerce teams, whilst ensuring shoppers find what they are looking for from their very first search.

Creating relevant synonyms for an assortment is a key component of any successful eCommerce search experience. However, with product assortments expanding, many organisations fail to cover all the variations of potential search terms for the same product (synonyms), resulting in zero search results for the shopper - which in 80% of cases leads to them abandoning their search and purchasing the item elsewhere, according to research from Harris Poll.
Thanks to GPT Synonyms, this time-consuming creation of synonyms is now a thing of the past. With just one click, eCommerce managers can generate all relevant synonyms for a search term and only need to decide which ones they want to apply. This saves time and significantly reduces zero search results - ensuring shoppers find what they want from the very first search.
Although cutting-edge AI powers this new innovation, the ability to apply human knowledge and skill is central to the FactFinder platform. GPT Synonyms are created automatically at the click of a button, but the user can decide which synonyms to apply based on a similarity score and their experience.

"At FactFinder, we believe in combining human and artificial intelligence," says Sven Friedrichs, FactFinder's VP of Engineering. "We use AI to automate many everyday tasks but give our users the ability to influence the AI based on experience and individual goals."

GPT synonyms are a great example of how artificial and human intelligence can work together. The results are time savings, more relevant search experiences and the development of new revenue potential for online stores.

The advantages of GPT Synonyms at a glance:

  • Saves time for eCommerce managers: In an internal test, GPT Synonyms saved 70% of the time spent creating synonyms for search optimization.    

  • Increases relevance and revenue: better search results and fewer zero result pages.

  • Enables long-tail optimization: The Intelligence of LLMs enables long-tail optimization for search terms that store managers do not know in detail.  

  • Language independence: The right synonyms are suggested even if the search term is in a different language. 

About FactFinder:

FactFinder is the European leader in product discovery and search for eCommerce. With Authentic Intelligence, the combination of artificial and human intelligence, FactFinder understands each shopper's intent from the first click - and can increase conversion rates and sales by more than 30 percent. For over two decades, FactFinder has powered billions of eCommerce searches for thousands of B2B and B2C brands including Intersport, White Stuff, OBI, Stihl and MyTheresa. Every day, millions of shoppers find what they're looking for with FactFinder - fast and personalized. More info under

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