Atlas AI​

Enhanced relevance with real-time personalization for each shopper.

How you benefit:​


More relevance, more revenue​

Higher conversion and more revenue through more relevant and personalized search results. ​

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Transparent and manageable ​AI​

You are in control of Atlas AI's capabilities, and choose which search goals to target.


Personalized customer experience ​

Create real-time 1:1 personalized shopping experiences that your customers will love.

Atlas AI in 2 Minutes

Iain shows how Atlas AI delivers the most relevant customer experience for every shopper.

The 3 stages of relevance: how Atlas produces the best results​

1. General relevance:​

Atlas AI enhances search results and recommendations by automatically learning from every user interaction.​

Your benefits: Recognizing these patterns significantly reduces the need for manual search optimization.

2. Real-time relevance, based on shopper intent ​ ​

Atlas AI tailors results based on the immediate purchase intent in the current session. For instance, if Atlas AI understands that you're looking for a TV, a brand search for Samsung will show Samsung TVs, rather than a varied mix of Samsung products.​

Your benefit: By understanding the purchase intent of the current session, Atlas ensures a smoother and more intuitive shopping journey for the shopper.

3. Relevance based on shopper preferences​ ​

A deeper insight into what each shopper likes, based on their previous buys and how they interact with different product details.​

Your benefit: More personalized relevance for shoppers, leading to better conversion rates for you.

Let's get nerdy: How Atlas AI works​

Atlas AI is trained with your product data, creating a "neural map" of your inventory. This Atlas enables us to learn even better and faster from shopper interactions. The outcome: more relevant search results and real-time personalization for each individual shopper. Learn more on our Blog.

We used to spend about 30 hours a month keeping our search up to date. Now we spend a maximum of four hours a month doing that. It’s a big improvement for us because it frees up time and resources for other areas of the business.
Joachim de Boer​

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