FactFinder was evaluated among 10 providers on 26 in-depth criteria and received the highest possible score in the roadmap criterion.

Europe’s leading product discovery solution is now being recognized on a global scale. There are few acknowledgments in eCommerce as prestigious as being recognized in a Forrester Wave™ report. This authoritative, in-depth guide provides unparalleled insights into the top vendors in the market, shaping the trajectory of businesses worldwide. We’re both honored and thrilled to announce that FactFinder has been named a Contender in The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search & Product Discovery, Q3 2023, which to us marks a monumental milestone in our journey.

The journey to inclusion

The Forrester Wave™ isn’t just any report. It’s an exhaustive evaluation of the most significant providers. Before any brand can aspire to be part of the Wave, they must first be acknowledged in Forrester’s Landscape report – a preliminary overview that sifts through notable vendors in the industry. In this case, Forrester recognized 28 vendors in their report, The Commerce Search and Product Discovery Landscape, Q2 2023, led by Principal Analyst Emily Pfeiffer. The full Landscape report is available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase here.

From there, the analyst firm must narrow down the list of providers and identify the ones “that matter most and how they stack up” for inclusion in the Wave report. Those included go through a rigorous evaluation process that includes extensive questionnaires, customer interviews and demos to showcase what each vendor is made of. We believe inclusion is a testament to a company’s dedication, innovation, and unparalleled service offerings. 

Receiving the title of a “Contender” is no small feat for us. We think it represents a company that is not only meeting industry standards but setting new ones, and that it’s an affirmation of our commitment to pioneering solutions and our relentless drive towards excellence.

Why it matters 

Europe’s digital commerce landscape is known for rapid evolution. As the continent continues its march towards a more integrated digital marketplace, eCommerce professionals find themselves navigating both unique regional challenges and broader global trends. In such a dynamic environment, the tools and platforms they employ can make the difference between thriving or merely surviving – so it’s crucial to have a steadfast partner. FactFinder’s acknowledgment in the Forrester Wave™ is not just a badge of honor for us, it’s assurance for our existing clients and an invitation for those yet to join our journey.

About the analyst and author of the Wave report, Emily Pfeiffer 

Emily Pfeiffer, Principal Analyst at Forrester, covers commerce technology. She has a clear and forward-thinking vision for the future of this industry that she has coined FIRE (flexible, inexpensive, rapid, and easy). In her pre-Forrester days, she served as VP of Marketing and Digital for a prominent brand in the US and led their digital transformation efforts, bringing to life 12 digital channels. She’s an expert on retail and eCommerce technology through and through.

How AI is transforming the industry

The eCommerce search market has changed dramatically over the past decade, as Emily highlights in the Wave report. The built-in functionality that used to be “good enough” is now “not enough.” This in-part has been driven by the adoption of AI. However, Emily also points out that digital leaders should look for commerce search and product discovery solutions that “enable the preferred balance of manual control, AI-led optimization, and visibility.” But that solutions in the market today often require businesses to trade-off between these priorities.

This is where FactFinder’s focus on Authentic Intelligence comes into play. We coined this term to define our unique combination of artificial and human intelligence. Providing users with the benefits of AI such as automation, optimization, and personalization at scale, but with the benefit of being able to apply human experience, skill, and creativity, in certain areas. This balance of AI and control is central to our product strategy and we believe this was reflected by a 5/5 score in the roadmap criterion with the Forrester report commenting that “FactFinder has a strong roadmap, with a clear path forward for its new product.”

A future with FactFinder 

In our opinion, our recognition in the Forrester Wave™ isn’t just a testament to where we stand today but also a good indicator of things to come. We envision a world where digital commerce is not only seamless but deeply intuitive and personalized, and where businesses have access to state-of-the-art AI tools to achieve their goals. Let’s bring back the joy of finding, together. 

Looking ahead, we commit to: 

  • Continued excellence: Leveraging our current achievements as a strong foundation, we are motivated to consistently elevate our service offerings, ensuring our partners have the best solutions at their fingertips. 
  • Innovation: In a rapidly evolving industry, we pledge to remain agile, adapting to, and often anticipating, the shifts in the digital commerce landscape. We’ll continue to bring humans and artificial intelligence closer together, something we like to call authentic intelligence.  
  • Deepened partnerships: Our clients aren’t just customers; they’re partners in this journey. We promise to foster these relationships, ensuring open channels of communication, feedback, and collaboration. 

Dive deeper 

FactFinder’s journey, punctuated with milestones like inclusion in the Forrester Wave™, is a narrative we’re proud of. But we believe the most exciting chapters lie ahead—and we’d love for you to be a part of it. Whether you’re an existing partner or a business exploring product discovery solutions, reach out. Discover our comprehensive product suite, share your challenges and let’s envision a future together.