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Pros and Cons of Standalone Web Stores vs. Multiple Vendor Marketplaces – Part 3

 Last part of an article about Standalone Web Stores vs. Multiple Vendor Marketplaces by our guest author Nicolas Fincher.

Reputation Management

 The idea to be a leader, number one, pursues all modern business companies. If you share this opinion, you should never try to start your online business activity in large online marketplaces with independent vendors. As I have mentioned, you will be one the faceless ghosts and the products you provide customers with, will be associated only with the name of the marketplace, so you shouldn’t even look for positive or negative references, as you will find nothing.

 Though managing a standalone online shop sometimes can be costly and difficult, a merchant have got all chances to build his own unique brand name. If you provide prospects only with high-quality products or services, you can be sure that customers will return again and again right to your web store, creating a potential base of prospects, and share this information with their friends through social media networks. 

Business Growth Limitations

 Talking about today’s online business relationships, I forgot to mention, that even a newbie vendor someday will grow and become a mature merchant. From the first glance, it may seem multiple marketplaces are full of benefits, but then one day you will find, your business has reached the limits. You can add more catalogs or categories within a multiple marketplace, but only using a standalone web store, you will be able to scale up your ecommerce business to a size you would like to see. With regular development and customization, a merchant can not only stand out of the crowd of competitors or expand his business around the world, but compete with large marketplaces.

Do you know more interesting facts about trading via web stores or multiple vendor marketplaces? Share your thoughts with me in comments below.


Nicolas Fincher is a community and PR manager of, an established company, offering one of the best software solutions for ecommerce and online businesses of any size. 


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