FACT-Finder tops the list of 20 best on-site search technologies worldwide.

Posted on 21st of October, 2019

FACT-Finder is thrilled to announce that it has been named the ‘Best Site Search Solution’ for 2019. This coveted title was awarded by FinancesOnline, the fastest growing independent review platform for B2B, SaaS and financial solutions. In order to help online professionals choose a tool that best fits their needs, the platform gathered 46 solution providers. After a thorough compare and contrast, they compiled the top 20 solutions in the market. FACT-Finder came in at number one.

Demand for site search is growing due the expanding use of websites both by customers and businesses. A study aimed at online shoppers asked what their biggest frustrations were with site search. From over 1,000 shoppers surveyed, 28% are offered irrelevant product results, 24% are unable to find the product they’re searching for, and 18% struggle with the search function not recognizing the words they use – together, that’s three fourths of potential customers. Usability relies on site search – the better the site search, the better the user experience. FinancesOnline details how the enterprise search industry is expected to reach a value of $8.9 billion USD by 2024, proving the critical role that site search plays in any website. Understanding the importance and impact of site search for online businesses. the review platform did what it does best. It gathered the best tools on the market and analysed them according to their flexibility, configurability, ease of use and pricing.

What Sets FACT-Finder Apart?

FinancesOnline highlighted a few of the reasons why professionals looking to improve their site search should choose FACT-Finder technology.

All-in-one solution

On-site search, navigation, merchandising, personalisation and more: FACT-Finder improves all shop functions that lead customers to the most relevant products in record time. Our software suite consists of five modules that you can configure via an easy-to-use back-end. The FACT-Finder Core is the foundation of our solution. In addition to revolutionising your site search, it is the engine that powers the AI-based functionality of the other modules within the suite. The additional modules can be added flexibly and at predictable costs. The more modules you use, the greater the impact on your sales. Thanks to tracking data and AI algorithms, the modules work together seamlessly and constantly improve each other. 

Powerful search results 

FACT-Finder’s patented Worldmatch® algorithm finds the most relevant products despite spelling mistakes or complex, multi-word searches – even in complex languages, such as Japanese or Cantonese. Automatic search optimisation continuously improves the results thanks to Machine Learning. The Suggest module also helps to display suitable products, categories and manufactures, as well as search term suggestions -all within the search bar. These may be supplemented with product images and additional information, such as pricing, ratings or availability.

Artificial Intelligence

“What sets FACT-Finder apart from the other site search solutions is its built in AI capability,” says FinancesOnline. Personalisation, semantic enhancer, Predictive Basket, recommendation engine and actionable analytics – all benefit from AI. An example is FACT-Finder’s Predictive Basket which is able to predict from the second visit which products are most likely to be purchased. Before a customer runs out of certain consumables, the Predictive Basket reminds them to reorder – whether that be by email, on the home page, or during checkout. Everything that a customer wants to order again can simply be added to the shopping cart through the intuitive drag-and-drop tool. All of this without having to search for anything, and eliminating the possibility of forgetting something important.

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