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A site search unlike any other: self-learning, error-tolerant and language-independent. Easily process any query - from SKUs to complex, long-tail queries and everything in between.

How it benefits you:

More sales, less work
thanks to automatic
search optimization

Customer loyalty
by meeting users' needs
with convenience

First click
fast learning
smarter searchability

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Industry insights:

"Among the top 177 e-commerce sites, a whopping 70% of the search engines are unable to return relevant results for product type synonyms, while 34% of the sites don’t return useful results when users search for a model number or misspell just a single character in a product title." 

E-Commerce Search UX
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Uninterrupted search despite typos

In a single month, we found 83 wrongly-spelled variations for the brand Birkenstock in a fashion online shop. Without error tolerance capabilities, all would have led to lost sales. That's why we've developed a search engine that compensates for spelling mistakes, whether slip-of-finger or conceptual, to give customers what they were looking for without missing a beat.

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FACT-Finder's patented Worldmatch® algorithm can analyze any language character set.

Be independent and ambitious with Worldmatch®

This patented algorithm is your linguistic edge over the competition. Due to its ability to match strings from different character sets, you're able to expand and enter new international markets faster. Whether it's Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese - we've got you.  Language independence for maximum scalability. 

Carry a conversation with the search bar

Our Semantic Enhancer® algorithm takes into account both the syntactic match and latent semantic relationship, which simply put means it's able to understand natural human language in search queries. Its capacity extends past understanding by automatically learning from user behavior, continually (and smoothly) optimizing results.

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Harness relevance as a revenue accelerator

Not all personalization is the same. We know because we created ours to be unlike anything on the market. Using unique customer preferences and real-time purchase intent, we create intimate search interactions that lead to immediate and future purchases. No segmentation, no big data, no manual rules - just 1:1 relevance.

What makes us different?

Our Worldmatch® search core is founded on proprietary algorithms developed in-house and refined by our own R&D department for more than 20 years. It has proven superior to the usual Levenshtein method used by other search solutions in A/B tests. FACT-Finder delivers better relevance and faster response times, no matter the amount of data, in any language.

Don't take our word for it.

+10% conversion uplift

"Our customers immediately noticed that we optimized something about the search. We received feedback letting us know it had improved and support requests to our customer care have decreased. Our search performance improved significantly and the conversion rate increased by almost 10%" - Patricia Zwack, Onsite Search Expert at RE-IN

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70% of visitors use the search

"Our customers can now use the search bar for whatever they want – by manufacturer, product, article number, or EAN number – and find the correct parts quickly and reliably. This would have not been possible with any other search solution. FACT-Finder enables us to accomplish our USP." - Bernd Maisenbacher, eCommerce Consultant at Klickparts

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150% higher conversion via search

"The solution helps us primarily simplify the search for products, but the topic of content search within the online shop is also important to us. By indexing this content in FACT-Finder, we ensure that customers can quickly and easily access the content without having to search for it." - Janine Schiltmeier, Content Marketing Manager at DENIOS

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