FactFinder Named a Contender in Commerce Search and Product Discovery Evaluation by Independent Research Firm

European product discovery platform, recognized on a global scale

(London, Stockholm & Pforzheim August 29, 2023) - FactFinder (, the European leader in eCommerce product discovery, today announced that it has been named a Contender in The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search & Product Discovery, Q3 2023. This global acknowledgment positions FactFinder among top providers in the market and marks a significant milestone in its 20-year journey.

The Forrester Wave™ report, renowned for its comprehensive evaluations of the most significant providers, stands as a beacon of recognition within the eCommerce landscape. Including only the 10 vendors “that matter most”, the report meticulously evaluated FactFinder and other top vendors against 26 in-depth criteria. FactFinder received the highest possible score in the roadmap criterion. FactFinder believes this acknowledgment underscores its commitment to innovation, AI, and advancing the on-site customer experience.

"We are honored by our inclusion in the Forrester Wave™ report, which, to us, signifies our commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing the transformative power of AI in eCommerce." said Kristie Collins, CEO of FactFinder. "We think this recognition reinforces our resolve to provide businesses with market-leading product discovery solutions that enhance customer experiences and drive growth."

In the rapidly evolving eCommerce sphere, FactFinder believes its recognition as a Contender is a testament to the company's continuous pursuit of long-term excellence – helping to bring the joy of finding to every shopper. The report, authored by Emily Pfeiffer, Principal Analyst at Forrester, states that “FactFinder has a strong roadmap, with a clear path forward for its new product”. Further adding that “FactFinder Infinity is a best fit for businesses ready to get in on the ground floor of an expanding, AI-led product.”

AI has transformed the eCommerce search market over the last decade, however the built-in functionality that used to be “good enough” is now “not enough”, according to the Forrester report by Emily, and that digital business leaders should look for commerce search and product discovery solutions that “enable the preferred balance of manual control, AI-led optimization, and visibility.”

This is where Authentic Intelligence comes in, a term FactFinder coined to define their unique combination of artificial and human intelligence. Providing users with the advantages of AI such as automation, optimization and personalization at scale, but with the benefit of being able to apply human experience, skill and creativity, in certain areas. The union of AI and control is central to our product strategy and was reflected by the highest possible score in the roadmap criterion.

For more information on FactFinder's recognition in the Forrester Wave™ report and its commitment to excellence, please visit our blog.

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FactFinder is the European leader in product discovery and search for eCommerce. With Authentic Intelligence, the combination of artificial and human intelligence, FactFinder understands each shopper's intent from the first click - and can increase conversion rates and sales by more than 30 percent. For over two decades, FactFinder has powered billions of eCommerce searches for thousands of B2B and B2C brands including Intersport, White Stuff, OBI, Stihl and MyTheresa. Every day, millions of shoppers find what they're looking for with FactFinder - fast and personalized. More info under

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