Recommendation engine

Maximise cross and upselling with minimal effort


Boost revenue through relevant recommendations

Our recommendation engine detects frequent links between products and automatically displays the most relevant purchase recommendations. Enable customers to quickly find what they want and considerably boost average sale value.

Offer alternatives or matching pieces as recommendations based on frequently occurring relations
Recommending complementing or matching products to customers increases satisfaction and sales

Make sure recommendations complement all items in the basket

To be truly helpful, intelligent recommendations evaluate the full contents of each shopping basket. If a basket contains a shirt and tie, FACT-Finder will display offers that complement both - such as a blazer.

New: Personalise recommendations

Match offers to customer's personal tastes to increase the likelihood of additonal purchases. Use the personalised recommendations function to track individual clicks, basket contents, purchases and deliver perfectly tailored product recommendations.

Personalised Recommendation

By offering alternative items you can increase your margins

Upsell high-margin alternatives

As well as recommending additional items, FACT-Finder supports upselling by suggesting high-margin alternatives that increase profit. Items appear automatically after the customer has defined their price range.

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