For a leading retailer with 20+ online shops and a 230,000-item product range in various languages, you can only imagine just how critical a state-of-the-art search solution was for Berner’s customers. But, as always, FactFinder stepped up and met the challenge head on. Here’s what we achieved.

The Berner Group, a leading force of industry 4.0 solutions – central in B2B trade for construction, maintenance and mobility – has transitioned from an open-source solution to FactFinder‘s multi-channel platform, managing 20+ online shops and a 230,000-item product range in various languages. This digital enhancement has not only expanded their online presence but also optimized performance, ensuring rapid product access and uniformity across international shops. Bolstered by a team of over 8,500 employees and operations across 25 European locations, the Group‘s digital pivot reflects its industry leadership and commitment to innovation, with an annual revenue that reached €1.174 billion in 2022/2023, an increase of 8.4% from 2021.

The challenge: a quest for speed and accuracy

Berner Group’s previous open-source search solution was insufficient in meeting the demands for a fast and accurate search function, crucial for enhancing the digital purchase process and maintaining the brand’s strong image.

Katja sums it up with, “Before we started working with FactFinder, shop visitors often found irrelevant products or no products at all. This was not only unfavorable for our conversion rate but also for our image – after all, the main entry point for us is the search.”

The criticality of a reliable search function is also highlighted by IBI research, which points out that 85% of customers consider it the most important tool in the online purchasing process. Additionally, customers frequently struggled to find the right products due to the complexity of technical terms and product specifications, a challenge that the open-source search could not adequately address.

Decision point: selecting FactFinder

The Berner Group’s decision to implement FactFinder was a strategic response to several core requirements.

Precision in multilingual search:

FactFinder was chosen for its adept handling of complex, multilingual queries, crucial for serving Berner’s diverse customer base across various languages and regions.

Complex query handling:
FactFinder’s intelligent search technology accurately interprets complex searches, including multi-word terms and those with potential spelling errors, ensuring users are led to the right products.

Streamlined searches with product IDs:
FactFinder has particularly improved the search experience for customers who use product IDs. This direct search method is essential for B2B transactions, as it allows for quick and precise navigation to desired products, enhancing the efficiency and satisfaction of Berner’s professional clientele.

“Most of our customers already know how many of each item they intend to order,” says Katja Sallie. “With FactFinder, we are able to support this customer group in various ways. For example, the software allows search by product IDs and complex multi-terms.” This capability is crucial in B2B transactions, where time efficiency and accuracy are essential.

With FactFinder, Berner reimagines eCommerce possibilities

The Berner Group’s adoption of FactFinder brought about significant enhancements to the online shopping experience.

Uplift in search performance:
Following FactFinder’s integration, Berner’s online shops saw a 20% increase in search usage, illustrating a significant boost in customer interaction. This growth reflects the platform’s robustness, particularly through features like the multi-term search capability and error tolerance that FactFinder introduced. Such improvements directly contribute to a more engaging and efficient search experience, crucial for Berner’s clientele who rely on the swift procurement of products.

Pinpoint search accuracy:
The enhanced functionality of FactFinder has substantially reduced instances of zero-result searches, especially in the German and French-speaking shops. The platform’s self-learning capabilities and the ability to create synonym entries for colloquial terms have streamlined the search process. Customers now enjoy a search experience that not only understands their queries but also guides them to the exact products they seek, regardless of language barriers or the complexity of the terms used.

About FactFinder

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