5 Reasons for online shop retailers to switch from Google Commerce Search (GCS) to FACT-Finder

The rumours about the end of Google’s foray into on-site search for online shops have been confirmed. In the comments on TechCrunch and other industry blogs, questions from GCS customers are piling up:

  • What alternatives to GCS are there for us?
  • What steps should we take after GCS is gone?
  • What features should an on-site search offer?

FACT-Finder offers GCS customers a smooth and quick switch to increase conversion rate and improve user experience. Over 1,200 online shops worldwide rely on FACT-Finder; among them are companies such as Heine, easons and absolutemusic, but also retailers, such as Real, Carrefour, Yves Rocher, Conrad, Jula, Douglas. Nearly €5 billion in sales are generated annually through shops that use FACT-Finder as a central conversion engine. The number of search requests it processes comes to over 10 million a day.

Five reasons to choose FACT-Finder

1. Increase the conversion rate.

FACT-Finder increases the conversion rate since on-site searching impacts conversion rates the most. The new search and navigation solution was thus designed to generate demonstrably significant increases in sales. Here FACT-Finder proved impressive in a series of A/B tests (e.g. MyDays +30% in sales).

2. Customer excellence instead of DIY.

Google Commerce Search sold itself above all on a rapid integration and on a great deal of DIY initiative on the part of customers in optimizing the search. By contrast, FACT-Finder places the integration of quality and training for ecommerce managers into a complete Customer Excellence team to the fore. Just like in a motor race, a whole team of experts is at the ready during the FACT-Finder integration to provide a custom integration for maximum conversion, while paying attention to the individual needs of the company.

3. Ensures long-term innovation.

Companies that have relied on Google Commerce Search have also relied on Google’s innovative strength. Thus a new provider should be able to produce at least the same successes. Ever since its founding in 2001, FACT-Finder has stood for continual innovation, which is ensured by our own R&D team of engineers and mathematicians. The team has not only created the language-independent FACT technology, but also driven semantic searching from the cutting edge of science into practical use in ecommerce.

4. An international and language-independent solution.

Especially in Europe, ecommerce companies are planning to expand into neighbouring countries and thus into new languages. Thanks to language-independent technology, with FACT-Finder, the leap into different countries is much easier and smoother. Our nine offices provide online shops with local support from Istanbul to Malmö.

5. Satisfies individual requirements.

“A magic dwells in each beginning”, Hermann Hesse once wrote in a poem, and thus the end of Google Commerce Search is also a fresh start and an opportunity to re-examine the individual requirements of the user experience in online shops. Whether it is Suggest, SEO features, product data optimization or intelligent campaign management, the FACT-Finder search and navigation solution meets the online shop requirements for any industry.


After GCS is gone, it will only take a short “pit stop” at the FACT-Finder “racing team”, and you’ll have technology of the European market leader integrated in a jiffy. When it comes to conversion rate, sales and usability, online stores with the intelligent search from the House of Omikron are in “the pole position”.