Since January 2013, FACT-Finder is a member of the EHI Retail Institute, one of the most prestigious trade institutes in Germany. EHI conducts research on current trade issues, acts as a management consultant and certifies online shops with the EHI seal of approval. In addition, the Institute organizes trade fairs, such as the EuroCIS that takes place in Dusseldorf from the 19th to 21st of February 2013.

“I am glad that we are members of the EHI”, says Katrin Naomi Maaß, Partner Account Manager of FACT-Finder. “The Institute provides us with an ideal branch network in the domain of trade, which we can excellently support with our portfolio of services and our eCommerce Know-how. We have also become an official partner of the label “EHI Certified online shop”. With this collaboration, we aim to achieve benefits for our joint customers”.