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Tag: strategy

5 Learnings from one year of Customer Excellence Consulting.

For one year, our Customer Excellence team advices FACT-Finder customers across Europe – with the aim of achieving a maximum conversion and highest customer satisfaction. Our experiences reveal: Hidden potential for optimization remains in nearly every online shop.

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4 tips for your cross channel strategy – best practices from Conrad Electronic

Cross channel distribution is in the focus of the digital commerce – and already now sustainable strategies are carried out to bind customers to the company through all sales channels.

Buying in the internet and picking up in the store around the corner, finding online articles at store terminals and having them delivered to the doorstep, using the online shop as a showroom in order to guide customers into brick and mortars (ROPO strategy). Customers don’t care about the particular channel – for them, omni channel commerce simply means a fulfilling shopping experience. They only recognize it if it doesn’t work.

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Why retailers must embrace omni-channel marketing

A brick-and-mortar store, a traditional website, a mobile optimised site, a tablet optimised version, a Facebook page, etc. – in our digital world the customer has access to an increasing number of touchpoints. Omni-channel marketing is the magic word and the next generation of multi-channel marketing.