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FACT-Finder Brings Group of Entrepreneurs on Board

Together, we will further expand FACT-Finder’s strong growth path, with a special focus on the new FACT-Finder Next Generation, customer support and internationalization.

Since the early days of e-commerce, FACT-Finder has risen from a startup to one of the most successful technology brands. We have been developing AI-based search technologies since the early 2000’s to improve the customer experience in online stores.

Today, FACT-Finder is the European market leader for search, navigation and merchandising, with over 1,800 digital retailers relying on our solutions.

With the addition of a new shareholder, GENUI, FACT-Finder is now taking the next step to further expand its market position. 

Finding the ideal partnership

“We were looking for a highly entrepreneurial partner and have now found the ideal partner in GENUI, who shares our vision for the future of FACT-Finder,” says Carsten Kraus, the founder and previous CEO of FACT-Finder.

“GENUI entrepreneur Amit Shah, the founder of e-commerce analytics software Jirafe and former CRO of SAP Hybris, will support the company as Chairman of the Entrepreneur Advisory Board,” continues Kraus.

“We have therefore been able to win over an entrepreneurial personality with highly relevant experience and a network that will help open up new markets for us,” he adds. “I am personally very pleased about this.”

The future of FACT-Finder

Carsten Kraus and Andreas Drechsler, previous COO, will hand over the management of the company to Emile Bloemen, who in his 15-year e-commerce career has held positions including Global Vice President at SAP Hybris and has played a key role in shaping the success of the SAP subsidiary. Kraus himself will remain closely associated with the company as an Entrepreneurial Advisory Board for Innovations.

“I am excited to be part of this great team,” says Bloemen. “The year 2020 has changed the world of retail forever – the digital shopping experience is more important than ever before. With FACT-Finder, we give our customers everything they need to take full advantage of the current momentum in e-commerce. Our top priority is to help our customers achieve their goals.”

“With FACT-Finder, we give our customers everything they need to take full advantage of the current momentum in e-commerce. Our top priority is to help our customers achieve their goals.”

Emile Bloemen, CEO of FACT-Finder

GENUI is also looking forward to working with FACT-Finder.  

“Good entrepreneurship is close to our hearts and we see how FACT-Finder has made an economically and socially valuable contribution in recent years,” says Boris Klenk, Investor at GENUI. 

He adds, “On this foundation, we will invest in the expansion of FACT-Finder’s technological market leadership and heavily in the area of customer success, because it is the driving force behind everything we do.”


GENUI is a company founded by renowned entrepreneurs and investment experts who believe in good entrepreneurship. GENUI only makes long-term commitments to companies with the goal of creating sustainable growth and social value. Companies are given professional governance by getting access to entrepreneurs with industry-relevant expertise and their corresponding networks.

Learn more about FACT-Finder Next Generation

FACT-Finder’s latest release, Next Generation, has been particularly successful. Since its launch in 2020, over 200 online stores are already relying on this innovative solution.

To learn more, choose your industry to view the PDF:

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