Welcome to the new FactFinder and a new era for AI-powered product discovery in eCommerce.

Today is a significant day in our 20-year journey as a company. It not only marks our new look and feel, but also signifies the next chapter in online shopping. With a staggering 2.3 billion people estimated to have made purchases online in 2022, it’s never been more important to help consumers find what they are looking for in the easiest and most relevant way. In the past year, we merged technologies with Scandinavia’s leading AI personalization engine Loop54. The result: the best of search and personalization in one solution – bringing joy to your shoppers and ultimately helping you drive better business outcomes.

Authentic intelligence at the heart of FactFinder

Our core values represent authenticity and that’s what we’ve built into the heart of our technology. FactFinder unites artificial and human intelligence to deliver exceptional product discovery experiences. We call this combination authentic intelligence.

So, what gives us the edge? Factfinder’s artificial intelligence understands the intent of individual online shoppers with the first click. But we don’t stop there. Our user interface lifts the lid on the AI black box and enables eCommerce professionals to apply their human expertise on top. This creates synergies that allow online shops to design the most relevant discovery experiences, time and time again – and with that, continually increase conversion rates and average order values.

“I am proud to introduce the new FactFinder which reflects the dynamic, forward-thinking nature of the company. It embodies our commitment to innovation and our passion for delivering the highest quality solutions and services to our customers. We are excited to bring authentic intelligence and personalized product discovery to commerce worldwide. Together with our partners, we are thrilled to drive another twenty years of success for you, our customers.”

Emile Bloemen, CEO of FactFinder

1:1 relevance is our promise to shops and their customers

The demands of online shoppers are higher than ever, both in B2C and B2B. A great, relevant shopping experience and high digital sales are therefore two sides of the same coin. Our goal is for shoppers to find exactly what they want and need so they keep coming back. A core benefit of our new brand is that online retailers can offer 1:1 relevance across the entire customer journey.

Our brand promise introduces new possibilities for online shops and shoppers:


With FactFinder, there’s no need for target group segmentation or manual effort, we can create the perfect personalized shopping experience for every customer, and it’s fully GDPR-compliant.


FactFinder understands the intent of every shopper by leveraging AI and human intelligence in every session interaction. For our AI, the focus is always on individual real-time intent signals and contextual interactions – i.e., what a customer has just clicked on or searched for. Coupled with an understanding of product relationships and already-learned preferences, our solution delivers highly relevant results that perfectly match the customer’s purchase intention.

“The goal of a contextual interaction is to meet buyers where they are and enable the next step in their journey. This requires the ability to sense and respond to buyer needs in real time to provide a highly relevant, optimized experience by tailoring and orchestrating tactics based on new insights revealed with each interaction.”

Contextual Experiences Enable B2B Buyers
Forrester Research, Inc., February 9th, 2022


FactFinder can help you deliver the most impressive shopper experience. Emotions and shopping are inseparable – our authentic intelligence brings online shoppers the joy of finding: finding the perfect product, quickly, intuitively and with joy. This is how shopping experiences are created that inspire store visitors and bring you maximum profit as a store operator.


A/B tests show that FactFinder can increase conversions by over 30%. Depending on shop sales, even small, single-digit conversion jumps often mean massive increases in sales. What would a 30% higher conversion rate mean for your eCommerce business?


FactFinder allows eCommerce teams to make optimizations independently without needing technical knowledge. Our user interface is specifically designed for business users, combining comprehensive functionality, ease of use and modern design. In addition, our Worldmatch® search algorithm enables teams to expand into new international markets faster thanks to its language independence.


The perfect balance of automation and control under one brand. Self-learning algorithms with the experience and creativity of users form an unbeatable team that can give companies a sustainable competitive edge and their customers the joy of finding what they are looking for.

Introducing our new logo

Our new logo represents the coming together of FACT-Finder and Loop54 through the unison of our primary colors. The new monogram represents the union of artificial and human intelligence, the core principles of our innovations and also a maze symbolizing product discovery and the joy of finding.

Our mission

We dedicate our innovations to helping millions of shoppers daily to discover the things they love and need fast, personalized and with joy; enabling sellers to increase their revenue and making their work easier. We strive to bring authentic intelligence to commerce worldwide.

A look at the last 2 years

Today’s announcement follows two years of innovations, setting up the company for 2023 and the future. Over the past 24 months, FactFinder has led the way by:

  • bringing the investor group, GENUI, on board
  • appointing Emile Bloemen CEO
  • launching the Geo module and a new UI
  • winning awards for “Best eCommerce Search Software” by Tech Times and “Top Company” in 2022 and 2023 by Kununu
  • acquiring Scandinavia’s leading AI personalization tool and combining the best of search and personalization in one solution
  • gaining more leading online shops in B2B and B2C including Stihl, Spar, Dehner, Flaschenpost, White Stuff, Reima, Rusta and Rittal

Into the next 20 years of eCommerce

The FactFinder team would like to thank all customers and partners who have accompanied us on this exciting journey. If you have questions about our rebranding or want to discover what FactFinder can do for your business, write us at info@fact-finder.com.