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Tag: Artificial Intelligence

How FACT-Finder Wants to Take Personalization to the Next Level

Combining search and personalization – that’s the goal FACT-Finder has been pursuing since the acquisition of Loop54 in October 2021. “Next Generation Blixt” is now the name of the result of the merger of the two technologies. CEO Emile Bloemen explains what’s behind it.

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Online Groceries and Artificial Intelligence: 7 tips for a sales increase of up to 30% in the online supermarket

Buying fashion accessories or books online – that has become the norm for most customers. However, online shopping behaviour has remained more cautious in the online grocery industry. However, forecasts are beginning…

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Machine Learning: why shop tracking is so important for FACT-Finder users

Whether it’s a click, a search term or a purchase – your customers leave traces of data in the shop after each interaction. Our tracking interface collects this data from your FACT-Finder and uses it for shop optimisation. All well and good, but what exactly does FACT-Finder use the tracking data for? What benefits does it provide to customers, and to you as the user? This article provides the answers.

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