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Tag: Personalization

How FACT-Finder Wants to Take Personalization to the Next Level

Combining search and personalization – that’s the goal FACT-Finder has been pursuing since the acquisition of Loop54 in October 2021. “Next Generation Blixt” is now the name of the result of the merger of the two technologies. CEO Emile Bloemen explains what’s behind it.

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Dos and Don’ts for Personalisation in the Online Shop

Price pressure is on the increase in eCommerce and online shoppers are more demanding than ever. To offer your customers more added value and develop long-term customer loyalty, you need to think about their shopping experience. The customers themselves have already recognised the advantages personalisation can bring. This is demonstrated by the global “Connected Commerce” study from digitasLBi – it states that 87 percent of online shoppers buy more when they receive personalised offers after logging on. However, as is so often the case in eCommerce, there is much that can be done correctly, and much that can be done incorrectly, with personalisation. The following sections provide some suggestions.

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