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Keep your money & invest in on-site conversion

Jonathan RossĀ“ speech at Internet Retailing Expo 2012 in Birmingham focused on product data quality and its effect on usability and conversion in online shops. Ross pointed out that online retailers need to make sure that what they spend to get visitors on their site is a good investment. It can only be this, if these visitors convert into customers who buy. This cannot only be achieved with creative design or sexy usability features, but the key is the data, as backbone of an online store. Only if the data on a website in each step of the customer journey is leading the customers to the products they are looking for, the experience can have a positive outcome. Ross explains how this can be done without manual effort, easy and automatically.

The second part of the speech is explaining a customer case: Gerard Spatafora, E-Commerce & M-Commerce Manager of Millesima, a multi-channel wine distributor, explains which effects the integration of the FACT-Finder solution in 2011 had on their website and mobile site, specifically when looking at conversion rates.

Want to learn more about the influence of the data quality on conversion? Take a look at the video:

[youtube CbtF-BjfNnc 620 400]



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