An easy yet powerful way to add the human touch and expertise on top of your AI-powered recommendations, supported by new analytics capabilities.

Recommendations are the key to making your shop more profitable. Showing your shoppers relevant products at the right time will undoubtedly increase average order values. A great example of this is our latest client, who increased the AOV by +10.7% after implementing our AI-powered recommendations. This is why we are super excited to further amplify our recommendations by introducing: 

  1. Merchandising recommendations: a new way for eCommerce managers to manually exchange AI-generated recommendations with products they want to suggest. 
  2. New analytics capabilities: truly see the impact of all recommendations and easily identify the potential for optimization.

The power of merchandising recommendations

Unlike AI-automated recommendations, manual recommendations provide eCommerce managers with the flexibility to curate product suggestions based on their product knowledge and their understanding of customer needs. This level of customization further enhances the relevance of your recommendations, as customers are presented with product suggestions that may not have been identified by the AI. The result? A more personalized, relevant and satisfying shopping experience for customers. 

The benefits of merchandising recommendations

Manual recommendations are another powerful new merchandising feature inside the FactFinder platform. Together with the existing AI recommendations and the new analytics capabilities, they give your team the benefit and flexibility of both automation and control. Specific advantages that the new recommendations bring to the table are:

  • Increase AOVs by leveraging new analytics capabilities and the expertise of your eCommerce team.
  • Optimize for additional business goals, e.g. liquidating surplus inventory.
  • Comply with contractual obligations: recommend specific product combinations based on manufacturer contracts. 

How to add merchandising recommendations to your results

Adding manual recommendations to your existing AI-powered recommendations can be done in seconds:

1. Open the recommendations tab in the Merchandising module. Navigate to the product where you’d like to make manual changes to the AI recommendations.Merchandising. AI-powered recommendations Recommendations. AI.

  1. Click on “change” under the specific product recommendation you want to substitute and search for the product you want to replace it with:Merchandising. AI-powered recommendations Recommendations. AI. Product recommendations.
  2. Drag your selected product to the desired spot in your recommendations section and drop to pin it:Merchandising. AI-powered recommendations Recommendations. AI. Product recommendations.

New analytics for data-driven optimization of your recommendations

Now that you have the tool to easily change recommendations – you need to know where to start optimizing. That’s where our new analytics capabilities will give you a perfect starting point. From now on, for every type of recommendation will get the following analytics: 

  1. Impressions and generated revenue over time:
    See the impact of your recommendation strategy on a day-to-day basis.Merchandising. AI-powered recommendations Recommendations. AI. Product recommendations.
  2. Popular and low-performing recommendations:
    Understand which sets of product recommendations work the best, which ones are trending and where you have the highest potential to optimize.
    Merchandising. AI-powered recommendations Recommendations. AI. Product recommendations.
  3. Zoom in:  look at all relevant KPIs of specific recommendations to learn more about their individual performance:
    Merchandising. AI-powered recommendations Recommendations. AI. Product recommendations.

What’s next: merging human and AI recommendations

Launching merchandising recommendations is the next important step to adding more human control to Infinity. Our goal is to build a solution that combines the best of human and artificial intelligence, and the next step is to let the AI learn from the human-selected recommendations and extrapolate it across the same context. For example, if you were to manually add a specific pair of gloves to a specific BBQ, the AI would learn that this is a viable combination and would start recommending those gloves to similar BBQs. It would also learn whether this increases the CTRs and AOV and extend that to other, similar use cases. This new approach combines the best of both worlds, leveraging the scalability and data-crunching power of AI with human real-world expertise.

How to get started with merchandising recommendations

If you are already a customer of Infinity (formerly Loop54) and have subscribed to our Merchandising and Recommendations module, the new capabilities will appear in your portal with the next update of your set-up over the next couple of weeks. If you are interested in getting the new functionalities reach out to your CSM Manager to learn more.

If you are not a customer, we are happy to give you a live product tour – book your demo here.

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