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The Guide to Ecommerce Domination in B2B

From platforming to optimising and everything in between

Don't just improve. Dominate.

By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. In response, all B2B organisations, whether traditional companies or startups, will need to reorient their business models to be more digital. But what determines if your B2B going digital will succeed? This guide.

What does this eBook offer?

  • An insider's panorama of the B2B market and its buyers
  • A starter (future-expert) guide for those not yet online
  • Certified optimisations for live shops that command respect

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Some highlights:

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  • How to choose the right platform
    • Open source or SaaS?
    • Checklist: Ecommerce platform requirements
    • Platform comparison
  • Choosing the right integrations

  • All the best features of B2C ecommerce to feature in your B2B shop
    • Checklist: Optimise your ecommerce platform
  • Innovations that wow B2B buyers

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Meet the Authors

Natalia Zakel

Content Marketing Specialist

Stuart Patterson

Senior Account Executive NWE

Jessica Harding

Senior Marketing & Partner Manager

Molly Smith

Content Marketing Manager

Pete Robertshaw

Digital Commerce Consultant