2014 was all about omnichannel, e-merchandising, internationalisation and constant improvement.

Exciting 2014 is almost over but before we start writing our New Year’s resolutions, let’s have a quick look at the last 12 months. And here it is, our list of the Top 10 Ecommerce Articles in 2014.

    1. 6 Critical Success Factors for the Internationalisation of an Ecommerce Platform in the EU by Oliver Hansert, published on IMRG
    2. Companies Need to be doing More than Simply Paying Lip-Service to Data Quality by Wolfram Bosman, published on Techbubbles
    3. 5 Best Practice Hints for Maximised Commerce Success by Oliver Hansert, published by Digital Marketing Magazine
    4. The Magic of Search in Retail by Marino Casucci, published onDigital Marketing Magazine
    5. The Do’s and Don’ts of Launching a Website Overseas by Albert Pusch, published on IMRG
    6. Top tips: E-fashion Merchandising: How to Win New Customers and Sell More
      by Caroline Hey, published by Netimperative
    7. What Online Merchants Can Learn from Wal-Mart’s Halloween Faux Pas
      by Caroline Hey, published on Digital Marketing Magazine
    8. Usability Explained: Examples and Advice for Successful User Guidance
      by Marino Casucci, published on New Media Knowledge
    9. 10 Tools to Ensure Online Retailers don’t Miss Out on Vital Sales this Christmas by Caroline Hey, published on Digital Marketing Magazine
    10. How online retailers can avoid getting left out in the cold this Christmas by Caroline Hey, published on Internet Retailing

We hope our tips and comments gave you some nice ideas for your business and we are looking forward to sharing with you our thoughts also in 2015. We wish you all the best in the upcoming year!

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