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Next Generation

A Quantum Leap in E-Commerce Technology for Search,
Navigation, Merchandising and Personalisation

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100 times faster

More ac­cur­ate res­ults

In­di­vidu­al prices

Scale in­ter­na­tion­ally

Sup­port for drop­ship­ping

Se­mant­ic en­hance­ment

Revolution Beats Evolution

FACT-Finder Next Generation is much more than just an update. We've carefully developed our software core from the ground up using the latest technology to support retailers with complex requirements. Be it big data, complex price structures, numerous sales channels, multiple languages - or everything combined. Take a look at some of the innovations at a glance:

100 times faster
Thanks to innovative technologies, such as the new index method for mapping polydimensional similarities, FACT-Finder is taking a disruptive step forward in terms of performance, even with large amounts of product data.

Boost conversion
FACT-Finder Next Generation produces even more accurate search results with a wide variety of spelling variants. Thanks to our patented Worldmatch® algorithm, it is language independent and available in all languages.

Individual prices
Relational in-memory structures allow retailers, such as those in omnichannel and B2B, to map any number of prices per store or per customer in the online shop. When and how is up to you - how will you use it?

Scale internationally
The language independent Worldmatch® core allows traders to expand into new markets more easily. FACT-Finder can even take into account the optical similarities of Chinese characters and process all dialects simultaneously.

Expanding to infinity
Whether you are a dropshipping retailer or an established online marketplace, with FACT-Finder Next Generation you have the optimal engine for an outstanding customer experience - no matter how many products you sell.

Thanks to the Semantic Enhancer, FACT-Finder learns faster from customer behaviour and can generalise these findings. Our Machine Learning process helps you achieve significantly better customer experiences without any additional effort.

Over 20 years of e-commerce innovation

In 2001, FACT-Finder launched the first fault-tolerant search for e-commerce. What was then an authentic search revolution (Google only started in 2002 with "Did you mean...?") has now become the standard for top online shops.

Since then, many of our other technological innovations have proven just as effective in more than 1,800 online shops. These include faceted navigation, merchandising campaigns and semantic enhancement powered by Machine Learning, among many others.

With FACT-Finder Next Generation, Europe's market-leading conversion engine, experience top performance with large data volumes. Power your shop with AI and see the difference it can make.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Our success has always stemmed from the superior technology at our core. FACT-Finder has been using AI since our founding and Machine Learning since 2006. In the last three years, we have also applied for at least one patent per year in the field.

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“By using FACT-Finder, we were able to increase our sales by 20%. The return on investment for FACT-Finder was reached after only a few months, in large part due to the easy integration and low maintenance costs."
Thomas Zoller, Head of Market Square
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