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Decrease bounce rate, increase sales conversion


Named #1 Site Search Solution 2020

Error-tolerant search

Increase conversion by making sales even when customers make spelling mistakes. Don't let typos stop a sale.

Smart suggest

Increase purchase probability by quickly suggesting the products, categories, and manufacturers customers might be looking for.

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+ 200% Conversion

"No search? No performance. With FACT-Finder's intelligent search in the OXID eShop of Klickparts GmbH, our high expectations were exceeded with a conversion uplift of more than 200%."

Bern Maisenbacher, E-Commerce Consultant
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Optimised mobile conversion

Make more sales when customers are on mobile: Optimise relevant search results for small screens and give your visitors the mobile usability they expect.

Relevant search results are essential for small mobile screens

New: Semantic result optimisation

Make sure you give the most precise search results. Our new semantic enhancer feature holds customers’ interest by giving them results they really want.

Semantic Result Optimisation actually understands what customers search

Location-based search results

Use location-based search results to show customers relevant best sellers in their local store.

Location based results: Customers find what they search for near them.

Self-learning recommendations

Automatically learn what customers are interested in, then suggest complementary or higher-value alternative products to increase basket value.

scale your business abroad with language-independent core technology from FACT-Finder

Ready for any language

Set up your store in any country – our language-independent core technology makes it easy to maintain search, suggest, and all other key features of your online store, in all languages.

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Multi-channel development manager

FACT-Finder provides relevant and good quality product results fast, and at a very competitive price.

Dan Collier, Hobbycraft
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Hobbycraft’s conversion soars up to 170%
Case Studies
Infographic: Mobile
Popken Fashion Group scales their business with FACT-Finder
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