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Our Most Popular E-Commerce Content of 2020

The pieces which most caught our readers’ attention.

We are most excited for 2021 but before we proceed, let’s look back at our most sought-after content of the year. Using the number of views and the amount of time readers spent on pieces as the metrics for determining the most popular list, we are happy to present the top five e-commerce content of 2020.

Thank you to all of our readers who helped FACT-Finder have such a great year. And now, for your reading pleasure.

1. Black Friday and COVID-19: A Retailer’s Guide to the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season

Black Friday

Our FACT-Finder team researched the latest developments and biggest shopping changes of this year to help predict what Black Friday 2020 would look like. We also created a detailed plan of action to help retailers prepare their online shops to be among the winners of the holiday shopping season. The year’s biggest trends, valuable insights and actionable tips –everything you need to help your online shop have a profitable fourth quarter.

2. Lock Down Your Customer Experience with Elkjøp – Dixon’s Carphone

Join Elkjop, Dynamic Yield and FACT-Finder for a webinar to learn how you can master the customer experience in your online shop – now, and in the future. Discover the most important features of product discovery across the user experience and how to optimize them, as well as how to bring in new customers during these challenging times and how to keep them coming back.

3. The Revival of QR Codes in Retail

What if there was a way to use brick-and-mortar stores to revitalize ecommerce sales? There is – and its QR Codes. Learn the 7 benefits of using these digital squares and how they can be a powerful asset for an omnichannel strategy; includes a 2-step guide to help you get started immediately.

4. Must-Attend E-Commerce Events in 2021

With 2021 soon upon us, we created a curated list of e-commerce events, conferences and summits you shouldn’t miss. These are an excellent way to hear top level speakers and leaders address the latest trends and discuss strategic solutions. They also provide the perfect platform to meet merchants and providers, allowing for networking opportunities both online and offline. See the list.

5. Sneak Peek of FACT-Finder’s New User Interface

Introducing our new UI: created by users for users. Our new back-end brings together interactive elements, responsive design, intuitive navigation, powerful functionality, and elegant visuals, helping e-commerce professionals achieve their goals while providing a great user experience. We are very excited to share with you a sneak preview of our up-and-coming user operating system.

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