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Our Most Popular E-Commerce Articles of 2019

The pieces which most caught our readers’ attention.

We are most excited for 2020 but before we proceed, let’s look back at our most sought-after articles of 2019. Using the number of views and the amount of time readers spent on pieces as the metrics for determining our most popular list, we are happy to present the top five. Thank you to all of our readers who helped FACT-Finder have such a great year. And now, for your reading pleasure:

1. Amazon vs. Alibaba: Who wins the battle of the platform giants?

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At first glance, Amazon’s sales seem to be unreachable – but Alibaba will certainly find it easier to gain a foothold in Amazon’s core markets. There is an exciting battle ahead, so let’s take a closer look at both of their odds. Read more…

2. Nailing Down E-Commerce Success in DIY and Home Improvement

We conducted interviews with DIY and home improvement industry experts to learn from their experiences first-hand. We analysed their responses and found that this market struggles with 5 prevailing challenges. Learn what they are, along with 5 simple ways to optimise your online shop and start hammering into conversion results. Read more…

Bonus: This blog is available as video!

3. Path to E-Commerce Success: 5 Stepping Stones

This gardening retailer shows that long-established and up-to-date aren’t contradictory – and they have the accolades to prove it. Their online shop led the company to win the Online Retail award two years in a row. So what exactly did they do to achieve such impressive results? Let’s break it down step by step. Read more…

4. Purchase Trend Alert: ROPO

ROPO, short for Research Online Purchase Offline, was named as the e-commerce trend to focus on in 2019. But what exactly is it? And what to do about it? Read more…

Bonus: Webinar with special guest Steve Collinge on how to take advantage of this 2-way trend!

5. FACT-Finder Integration: It’s Not Rocket Science

Are you thinking of switching your current search solution but the thought of integrating a new technology provider feels overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be – especially with our easy-to-implement and customer-centric solutions. Read more…

What type of content would you like to see next year? Let us know in the comments!

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