Faceted navigation

Help customers find what they really want

Dynamic filters and navigation make it easy to find the right product

No matter how wide your range, our filtering and navigation ensures customers are never more than a few clicks away from what they are looking for.

Automatically generate categories

FACT-Finder saves you time by automatically creating product categories and grouping newly listed items. Then adjust the filters on your category pages with just a few clicks.

Out-of-the-box categories automatically generated by FACT-Finder

Simplify product selection

Provide customers with helpful filters that drive sales. Display filters either as text, brand filters with logos, colour tiles, or price ranges with an interactive slider.

Self-learning filter navigation

FACT-Finder's filter navigation dynamically adapts to visitor behaviour and frequently moves selected filters up. This makes it even easier to refine search results.

Most frequently used filters are placed more prominent

Avoid zero results

Make sure your filters keep customers interested. FACT-Finder automatically excludes filters that lead to zero results.
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After a quick and easy integration of FACT-Finder, medpex.de increased its turnover by about 22%. Thanks to the suggest and after search navigation features, our customers can find the right product in the shortest time possible – even with a range of over 100,000 products.

Christiane Bülow-Bichler, CEO

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