Where to focus optimisation efforts to deliver an engaging customer experience and achieve ROI in e-commerce.

Change is inevitable – it’s happening around us all the time, and it’s generally better to go with the flow than fight against it. Some are better than others at adapting to these changes, but as the saying goes – the early bird catches the worm. One area that has experienced profound change in recent years is retail and e-commerce.

In the not-so-distant-past, retailers had all the power – they chose which products to sell and had more control over pricing and variety. Customers didn’t have much of a choice in where to go shopping and generally went to their local stores for all of their needs.

Nowadays, power has shifted significantly in favor of the customer. They can easily go online to compare prices and check for alternative brands, styles, etc. If a retailer doesn’t provide the experience or products that they’re expecting, it is now easier than ever for them to buy elsewhere.

For brick-and-mortar stores, this still leaves a bit of a challenge for customers – they must physically get back in their car or hop on the tube to get to the next shop. However, online competitors are only a click away. Even while physically standing in your brick-and-mortar shop customers could be looking for the same products online for cheaper.

In order to avoid this, retailers need to adapt to the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape. Your usual strategies might not work anymore, but it’s more important than ever to keep customer’s attention and engage with them in a meaningful way. Customer loyalty is key, but where do you even begin?

New technologies and e-commerce solutions become available every day and there’s an overwhelming amount of choices – there’s no way you can take advantage of them all. You need to focus your effort on what has the biggest positive effect on the customer experience, which will in turn build loyalty and revenue long-term.

So, what has the biggest positive impact in e-commerce?

Five of the fastest growing e-commerce tech companies have come together to focus on the 5 most significant optimisation techniques for your online shop, spreading across the most important touchpoints of the customer journey. Each section will provide you with actionable recommendations that can serve as a launchpad for growth this 2020.

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E-book on 5 effective strategies in e-commerce

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