United Kingdom:
2010 has been an unexpectedly good year for UK eCommerce and expected growth has been exceeded. The lower market has grown very rapidly, everyone wants to be online, it’s already seen as a “must-have” for the retailers.

(Image source: Flickr, steveconover)

E-tailers are looking for solutions that are connected to third parties (like agencies/other technologies) and prefer to use open source solutions when starting the online business. This, indeed, does not help with differentiating (enough) from the competition and grow the business, since all improvements are related to huge project efforts.

For 2011, there is still some positive outlook for the biggest and most mature market in Europe. Forecasts predict that one of the most visible trends for this market will be improvements in the design and usability of the web pages of the online shops, which will be based on intelligent out-of-the-box solutions. We expect “user experience” to be the dominant trend for those looking to invest in the UK in 2011.

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