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eCommerce in Europe: trends and outlook. Part III

Germany is one of the most developed eCommerce markets in Europe. Almost half of the generated revenues in retail sector comes from sales in web. The amount of people who buy online rises each year and there is still a high potential for growing.

(Image source: Flickr, steveconover)

Most profitable in eCommerce are such areas as selling of computers, consumer electronics and accessories. The bigger part of the whole turnover in Germany is generated by 10 largest online retailers, such as Amazon or Otto Group.

2011 will be characterised by a growth of eCommerce in Germany and e-retailers will be looking for outstanding solutions that will help them in optimising their conversion rates, user experience and website usability. Using social media as a tool for enhancing the relationships with potential customers continue as a trend throughout 2011. The hype of m-commerce will be also visible and more companies will shift into this sector.

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