Triangle or Circle? I choose for Circle when I enter the bathing room. Luckily this was the right choice for “ladies room”, which is common to mark with a circle on the door in Poland, opposed to Mens room which is marked with a triangle.

But not only the signs are foreign to me, the whole market is in another stage. Developing, Evolving, Exploding. You feel the change, you feel the excitement. People are eager to listen and learn. Education, this is our main task here. “How do I make people aware of the phantastic online world with unlimited possibilities?” “How can I be visible on the net?” and “What are the best usability tips you can give?” These are the most common questions we get from the people during the conference.

Ecommerce is still in the opening up process, just very few companies dominated the net for many years and just gradually ecommerce is opening up for a lot of other players and they (finally) get the chance to emerge. The market will eventually get used to these possibilities, the people will understand it and then the rocket will take off: 160 visitors have been expected to attend the “Internet standard” conference this year in Warsaw, 260 came on the first day. The organizers are overwhelmed and the industry is awakened and, although it may be a late(r) start, it is a really promising one!