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WTM 2012: Carsten Kraus gives insights into the semantic search

World Travel Market 2012:  05-08 November 2012

Visitors to this year’s World Travel Market in London had a chance to participate in a particularly interesting seminar, namely in “Search Engine Update 2012”. The host Paul Richer, Senior Partner Genesys invited three prestigious experts: Carsten Kraus, Founder & CEO of FACT-Finder, Nate Bucholz, Industry Head of Travel Google UK, and Andrew Jones, Head of Account Management Search Yahoo! UK. The speakers discussed how quickly the appetite for online travel booking is growing and highlighted the latest developments in online and on-site search engines.

3 Comments reports on FACT-Finder Travel and semantic search

FACT-Finder Travel is the innovative semantic search technology for online travel portals. Interviewed on Carsten Kraus, CEO of FACT-Finder, and Anja Maisch, Head of FACT-Finder Travel, explain the functions and advantages of FACT-Finder Travel and why it will be the future usability standard of online travel portals.

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Semantic Search: Challenges, usability, future.
An introduction by Carsten Kraus.

During this year´s TTI Autumn Conference in London, Carsten Kraus, CEO of Omikron Data Quality GmbH, held a speech on “Semantic Search”, the challenges and how it effects the user-experience in Online Travel Agencies. He answered the question, why semantic search is a buzz word for a long time, what’s possible today and he gave a glimpse into the future of semantic search.


Why retailers must embrace omni-channel marketing

A brick-and-mortar store, a traditional website, a mobile optimised site, a tablet optimised version, a Facebook page, etc. – in our digital world the customer has access to an increasing number of touchpoints. Omni-channel marketing is the magic word and the next generation of multi-channel marketing.

4 Comments – our customer in Turkey has gone live with FACT-Finder

We are very happy to present our first client in Turkey who has gone live with FACT-Finder Search & Navigation solution: On visitors can now find the products they are looking for more quickly and conveniently in a user-friendly and intelligent way. Ara.bu.lvar is an OTTO Group project and a comprehensive site, offering thousands of different products- starting from electronics and clothing, ending on cosmetics and toys. FACT-Finder provides a number of great features for the ecommerce site, such as the Suggest or the After Search Navigation and faceted Search.


The Keys to Customer Satisfaction

For many years people have been trying to find out how to ensure customer satisfaction. Nowadays, we are more aware that it is very difficult to predict human behaviour, and concepts such as “homo economicus” and “black box” theories seem to be on the decline. But there is a way to better understand your clients, and thereby generate more effective, personalised offers. The method depends on constant observation, analysis, and improvement.


Keep your money & invest in on-site conversion

Jonathan Ross´ speech at Internet Retailing Expo 2012 in Birmingham focused on product data quality and its effect on usability and conversion in online shops. Ross pointed out that online retailers need to make sure that what they spend to get visitors on their site is a good investment. It can only be this, if these visitors convert into customers who buy. This cannot only be achieved with creative design or sexy usability features, but the key is the data, as backbone of an online store. Only if the data on a website in each step of the customer journey is leading the customers to the products they are looking for, the experience can have a positive outcome. Ross explains how this can be done without manual effort, easy and automatically.


Edinburgh Woollen Mill acquires Peacocks

Privately owned Scottish group, Edinburgh Wollen Mill, has acquired Peacocks fashion chain. Thanks to the acquisition of 388 out of 612 stores, this well known brand on the high street will continue trading. Edinburgh Wollen Mill is known for its finest quality products. They achieve the best value by being involved in every aspect of the product development cycle.