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Atlas AI: The New Frontier in eCommerce Product Discovery
AI – no other promise has sparked human imagination more than the prospect of creating a new artificial form of…
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FactFinder introduces merchandising recommendations and analytics
An easy yet powerful way to add the human touch and expertise on top of your AI-powered recommendations, supported by…
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Introducing FactFinder Pulse
We are excited to announce a new revolutionary AI-powered merchandising solution that empowers retailers to detect and act on micro-trends…
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FactFinder technology replaces in-house developed search at Flaschenpost
Discover how FactFinder is revolutionizing the online shopping experience at, the industry-leading food and beverage retailer with over ten…
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Press Release: FactFinder introduces Pulse – an AI-powered merchandising solution that detects and acts on emerging trends in real-time
Capitalize on trending products with blazing-fast speed, increasing conversions and saving time. 
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Increase revenue and basket value with AI-powered Recommendations
Want to implement product recommendations in your online shop? Then this is your guide.
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Loop54 becomes Infinity, plus new merchandising capabilities! 
Loop54 has undergone a transformation and is now called Infinity, reflecting its growing capabilities. Discover the latest updates and enhancements…
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Next Generation drives sales in 13 online shops
We catch up with PBS Holding Group to discover how Next Generation functionalities such as search, recommendations, guided selling and…
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FactFinder unveils new brand identity: the joy of finding
Welcome to the new FactFinder and a new era for AI-powered product discovery in eCommerce.
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The eCommerce Kata to Empower Your Team and Master Goal Achievement
Welcome to this edition of thought leadership, where you can discover the latest eCommerce insights direct from industry experts. In…
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Switching to Next Generation results in +10% conversion uplift
Is the switch to Next Generation worth it? With nearly 10 years of experience with FactFinder, Patricia Zwack from RE-IN…
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How an eCommerce Consultant Analyzes the Performance of Online Shops
Welcome to this edition of thought leadership, where you can discover the latest eCommerce insights direct from industry experts. In this…