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E-Commerce Paris 2013 with a new focus: “Customer empowerment”

From the 24th to the 26th September 2013, E-Commerce Paris, Europe’s largest cross-channel event, attracted about 30,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors to Paris’ “Porte de Versailles”. Since its founding in 2004, where the event counted 1,500 visitors and 10 exhibitors, the international trade fair continues to grow steadily.

Today, the boundaries between traditional retail and e-commerce are increasingly vanishing and customers are getting used to the convenience of cross-channel commerce. In response to this trend and just in time for its 10th anniversary, E-Commerce Paris put a new focus on customer experience, according to its slogan “Give the Power to your customer”. Much attention was also addressed to the topics “Technologies”, “Digital Marketing” and “Logistics”. Together, these four key subjects cover the entire E-Commerce and cross-channel value chain – from website design to cross-channel solutions.

Especially, CEOs and managers operating in online trade and retail gathered information about current e-commerce issues, met key suppliers and learned about new applications and innovations.

The exhibition was a great success for FACT-Finder as well. We are very pleased to make the acquaintance with so many online merchants and multichannel retailers. Our visitor’s most important issue was how FACT-Finder can help them with solving complex cross-channel requirements. These included the improvement of the search function and merchandising campaigns, the internationalisation of their online shop, the implementation of a successful multichannel-strategy and the enhancement of customer experience. By means of customers such as Yves Rocher or Millésima we could illustrate to our visitors how these requirements can be solved successfully.

Thank you for the interesting and informative discussions, as well as your feedback. We are looking forward to taking part at the E-Commerce Paris 2014!

How can FACT-Finder solve ambitious cross-channel requirements? This was one of the most important questions online merchants as well as multichannel retailers had. And we answered!
How can ambitious cross-channel requirements be solved? This was one of the most important questions online merchants as well as multichannel retailers had – and we had the answer!

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